Yay for different clothes

 / Pants-Kohls / Sweater-H&M / Shoes-Forever Young Shoes / Necklace-F21 / Bracelet-local market / Watch-MK /
 / Sunnies-Raybans /
 ...I got mud on my shoe from going into the house...

Hi guys! I'm back and I'm wearing heels!! Woot, I never thought I'd miss them so much! My whole Europe trip I pretty much wore the same pair of boots ev.er.y. day and 5 different pants. Crazy right? I defiantly feel confident in doing that 30x30 challenge or whatever its called lol My trip was amazing though. 18 days, 600 pictures, lived out of my backpack for a week and 4 countries. I went to Paris France, Brugge Belgium, Amsterdam Holland, Cologne Germany, Heidelberg Germany, and Stuttgart Germany. I really want to share photos with you, but not sure if I want to do 2-3 posts or just one photo overloaded post. Whats your thoughts?

Hope to see you guys tomorrow at the Fashion Place Spring Fashion Event!