Recap from last week...

There has been so much going on this last week I just felt I needed to do a post about it all.
I feel like there has been so much sadness around the country between the Boston bombing and Texas explosion. 
I will never understand how someone could plan to injure or kill innocent people. What are the thoughts that go through those peoples minds? As a nurse I've been around a lot of death. I've had patients that know they are going to die and are at peace with it, and then I've had patients that died unexpectedly. Those tragic deaths are hard, hard on the family and hard on the staff. I can't imagine how much guilt is felt by those runners that lost family members waiting for them. To them, know it's not your fault and know that they loved you enough to wait! I heard a story on the news that a father was running and lost his son, his wife has a traumatic brain injury, and his daughter lost a leg. I'm sorry and know my thoughts are with you and your family along with any other victims of this situation. 
To the bombers. It's not my place to judge, but just know I hate you. Not only have you injured and killed innocent people but you also have taken away the feeling of safety at events of joy from people all over the country.  To that reason is why I have so much hatred toward you. May you receive the punishment that matches the severity of your actions. 
Dear people of West Texas, I'm so sorry about the tragedy that has struck your town. I hope you know that you are all in my thoughts during this rough time and I commend the firefighters and police officers that risked their lives to put the blaze out, you are true heroes. I'm sorry for the hard times of suffering ahead but know that there are plenty of people to reach out too, me being one of them. 

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