Europe Paris part 1

Europe part 1...Since I flew into Paris that's were I'm going to start. Let me just explain a few things first.
1. It was FREEZING, the temp was in the 40's but it was humid air not dry air like I was use too. So every picture I'm in, I'm smothered in my beanie, gloves, scarfs, and North Face jacket. Which by the way not one European wears North Face so I stuck out like a sore thumb haha. 

2. Yep day one I fried my Chi hair straightener so my hair was a hot mess the whole trip. Oh well, I'm on vaca & I didn't care especially since half the trip I lived out of my school backpack. 

and 3. Enjoy the pics and don't steal them...not cool if you do!
 LOTS of yummy treats...
 and CHEESE!! 
 Parc de Sceaux
 (Pic #1 of me in beanie and NF jacket)

 Chatuex de Sceaux
 Paris by night 

 La Seine

Well hope you enjoyed it. More to come!
PS thanks for all the Birthday wishes!

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