Utah Blogger Interview {Robyn of Cleverly, Yours}

This is one of the last blogger interviews, I'm sad! It has been really really fun getting to know these ladies more. Anyway, today we get to know Robyn of xoxo Cleverly, Yours. She is so sweet and gorgeous. Read her answers here and then run over to her blog and check it out. 

 I actually just recently started blogging around last July. I had started by blog in January but didn't really get into it until later on. 

 It was one of those funny things that kind of just came to me when I was laying in bed and thinking one night and I got right up, grabbed my computer and changed it right then and there. I wanted it to be something "clever" so "cleverly, yours..." seemed to be semi-clever ;)

Yes! Born and raised in small town Roosevelt, Utah. I moved out to SLC to attend the UofU and met my sweet hubby there so I've stuck around, but I will forever remain a "small town" girl :)

 Married to the love of my life, no pets yet...or kids... yet :)

As of now I am a full time blogger and hopefully someday soon a stay at home Momma!

Probably one of the hardest questions to answer- but I would have to say it's probably a toss up between my comfiest white v-neck tee and my favorite pair of ripped up genetic jeans because i probably wear them the most and couldn't imagine my closet without my favorite basics! My floppy hats and baseball caps are other favorites!

 We love the outdoors! Snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, boating and LOTS of Lake Powell trips. I would have to say if I had to pick a favorite, being on the lake is our favorite!

It's crazy annoying but I pop my knuckles and it drives my hubs crazy, ha! Definitely not anything I'm proud of.

Funny you ask. As of this last week I am driving a Range Rover Sport - but I have to preface that with the fact that my husband owns a small car dealership and so I'm usually driving something different every few months or so. I'm definitely loving my Range though and hope I don't have to give it up anytime soon!

I fear losing anybody I love or anybody close to me. It's truly something I worry about though, my parents travel a lot and I'm always checking up on them as if I were the parent when they're flying all over the world!! 

 Don't make me ever choose between those! Haha. I guess I would have to choose stripes because I wear them so often! It would be a sad sad world without stripes in it.

Definitely Instagram! I've almost stopped using facebook all together once instagram came about! I especially love following blogs on instagram and all the amazing photos people take!

One thing that happened to me once I got married was that we got a little boring and started accumulating lots of "shows", especially during the winter months! My all time favorite TV show is Friends and I have every season and can probably quote each episode word for word. It's sad. We've loved watching intense shows like The Following, funny shoes like New Girl, Whitney and of COURSE Modern Family, and then every once in a while we'll throw the Bachelor in there (even though my hubs won't admit to it ;)

 Gosh, more hard questions! A couple things we do well are eat andtravel! So far some of my favorite places have been Aruba, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and we love Mexico because it was where my hubby served his mission so we try to make it down there every once in a while! You can't beat authentic Mexican food (especially fish tacos), surfing and those amazing beaches! We just booked our first Hawaii trip together for this year and I'm thinking that one may make the list from all the amazing things I hear!

 I've always said one day, I will own a pair of classic black Christian Louboutin heels, which I would still love- that or a black Celine bag! Those are two things I definitely wouldn't mind adding to my closet :)

You can defiantly tell her personality through her answers, I loved them all! I would also love a pair of the red soles, I think any girl would! Make sure you check her blog out here! You'll never leave.