The nats are attacking!

 Pants- H&M / Shirt- Khols / Jacket-Forever 21 / Shoes-Converse / Sunglasses-Raybans

Look at them! They are taking over the pictures…they look like I need to clean my lens. That I actually do need to do but can't find my microfiber cloth. Anyway welcome to jacket weather! I have finally come to really believe that Utah has allowed it to be spring. No more snow showers and no more heavy jackets. From here on out it's light jackets and sweatshirts (don't think I don't wear sweatshirts around…I do. They never get photographed.) 

Enjoy the weather everyone and have a great day!

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White as a ghost

 Skirt-Forever 21 / Sweater-toAdorn c|o / Shoes-Zara / Necklace-Rue 21

 These pictures aren't the greatest, serious bummer. I look white as a ghost and what in the world is going on with my left foot in the picture above…is my foot really shaped that way. crazy! There that should rule out the rumor mill of any 'photoshop skinning' or 'photoshop shaping'.
Next…love this sweater. It's from toAdorn and at first when I held it up it was all asymmetrical and I had no idea what was going on. I put it on and I realized it was more catered to be worn as a one sleeve but also could worn normally. I wore it here normally only because I didn't want to change bras and I didn't think the bright pink strap would look classy hanging out.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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It's wedding season!

 Dress-Forever 21 / Shirt-Express / Purse-Dooney & Bourke / Shoes-Steve Madden / Necklace-old / Tights-Hanes Silk Reflections Pure Bliss c|o

Skirt-Target / Shirt-Forever 21 / Shoes-Christian Louboutin / Tights-Hanes Silk Reflections Ultra Sheer High Waist c|o

 Dress-DVF / Shoes-Jessica Simpson / Headband-Forever 21 / Tight-Hanes Silk Reflections Zig Zag tight

With spring comes the many spring wedding which means you'll be running around trying to find tights that will hide your poor white winter legs. I've teamed with Hanes Hosiery to showcase some of their fantastic tights. Can I just tell you honestly that I didn't like tights before I tried these on. It might have been because I was buying cheap no name tights that would only last a season. 

Above are 3 looks that are appropriate for wedding season. Whether it's to an actual wedding, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bachlorette party, or even a bridal shower these tights will be there for you. I'm wearing 3 different types of Hanes Hosiery to showcase the variety they offer. 

Not only does Hanes offer amazing products they are also holding an amazing giveaway right now. 
The Hanes Hosiery Save the Date Sanity Facebook sweepstakes is going on for 1 more week. The details of the giveaway are such;

* The sweepstakes is open until April 25th
* Grand prize winner will receive $1000 and a sampling of tights valued at over $250
* Daily winners will be selected Monday-Friday to receive a sampling of tights valued at over $50
* Anyone 18+ in the U.S. can enter once a day for a change to win the daily giveaway and the grand prize. 

So with that info you should be clicking that link and entering that awesome giveaway. Thank you Hanes for the fun! 

Hair compliments of Mackenzie Nielsen 
You can find her here! Go visit she's amazing!!

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Stars & Stripes

Standing in an area with a red wall
 Pants- Hot Kiss Clothing c|o / Shirt-Forever 21 / Shoes- Converse / Watch-MK
Thug life t-shirt

striped pocket

Thug life t-shirt

Stars on the thigh

Ha these pictures make me laugh! But I do have to say I love how crisp they are and the coloring. Anyway stars & stripes are on my butt. haha ok maybe only stars on my thigh and stripes everywhere else. Hot Kiss Clothing was sweet enough to collaborate with me and is offering you the opportunity to win an item of clothing. All you have to do is…ding ding ding use the Rafflecopter below. 
The giveaway will be open for a week and anyone from the US can enter.
Good luck!

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Merco Box

 Merco box, have you ever heard of it? I hadn't until this opportunity. Which by the way I'm so glad I took. The box is full of local goods, and I'm all about supporting local companies especially since we own one now. So what's in this box? A ton!! Lets just go through the pictures…

 *OM Power Bar(top left)- From the looks of this bar it's not my style. I'm not much a 'health bar' person, I'd much rather eat my fruit roll up or candy bar for a snack. I always look at the ingredients before I try something of this style because 1 if it has peanut butter in it, I'm done with it. I don't like peanut butter bars or drinks or smoothies, I know call me crazy. The 2nd ingredient in this bar is Almond butter and I absolutely LOVE almond butter, it's my substitute for peanut butter. After reading that I got a little braver and unwrapped it to take a smell. Smells yummy (yes I'm this picky). Next part was the texture, if you don't believe me I'm picky about food textures. I can't eat a lot of a banana or yogurt, I took a bite into it and the texture fit my fancy. Lets just say I ate it up after all those tests. Yummy!

*Healing Salve- To tell you honestly, I didn't know what a salve was so I had to ask my husband. After figuring out what the product was I tried it out. I was expecting it to have a smell to it because all Apothecary stuff in my mind usually does (but obviously I don't know much about this subject). This product doesn't smell. I was slightly disappointed at first but then thought, it's probably a good thing it doesn't smell so I'm not wearing a million different flavors. If you don't already know, I have eczema so I put a little on the spot that were slightly breaking out and so far so good. The thing about healing, it's not instant so we will just have to wait and see. Oh the product is a pretty green color, that's a win in my book.

*Fit Me Tea-Yum! I love tea! I love all teas! This tea is yummy! I'm a berry type of tea person so I went straight to the G Blend first. Umm I hadn't finished opening the package and the smell was just amazing. It smells so rich and just made my mouth salivate instantly. Let me tell you the taste didn't disappoint either. Can't wait to try the other ones. The packaging is also fun, I love the organic raw feeling. 5 stars in my book!

*Colombia Guatica Coffee- Unfortunately I don't drink coffee so I'm not able to review this product, but my coworkers are going to love it. They always rage about Colombian coffee, I'm sure the smell will make me want some at 3 in the morning when I'm fighting to stay awake at work. Can't wait to smell it! 
*OM Power Protein- If this drink tastes anything like the bar, I'm sure I'll love it. I mixed mine with almond milk, it smelled good. Tastes good, but make sure to mix well enough. My first sip was kind of chunky, but not bad just chunky. The texture was smooth after I got it all mixed and vanilla flavored. I love vanilla flavored protein drinks so my thoughts all together…YUMMY! I'm liking this OM Power company! 
*Les Madeleines Cafe- The 3 madeleines didn't last long that's for sure. They were soft, which was amazing because I did the review about a week after I received the box. So they were soft, they were yummy, and they were gone in 3 min! Thank you for sharing these yummy treats, and they are very well priced $3.75 for 3 of them. 
*Eco Treasures soap nuts- Can I just say I had no idea what the hell these were! I almost ate one until Jeff was like, what are you doing don't do that! I'm glad he stopped me it would have put a bad taste in my mouth, literally! So soap nuts, I've never heard of them before. I was reading the flyer that came with them and they are organic berry off of a tree that grows in the Himalayas. They naturally contain antibacterial cleaner called saponin and there are a ton of uses for them. Anywhere from an all-purpose cleaner to washing clothes. I myself have just used them to wash my hands with. I'm not going to lie I was so skeptical. How are these nuts going to suds up and clean my nasty lawn mowing hands…oh but don't worry they proved me wrong! They got my hands all clean and fast. So I'm keeping them, I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to use them on my clothes yet, they will have to gain my trust first. I'm excited to see where this new relationship will go. 
Not only are there products that come in the Merco box, but it also includes coupons. This box included a free pass to Downtime Yoga, $10 to Rodizio Grill, $5 to Our Childrens Earth, buy 1 get 1 1/2 off to Ballet West. It's a great deal and a fun adventure. Merco box has limited edition boxes available for Fathers Day ($35 plus S&H) and Mothers Day ($14.99 plus S&H). I could see these making prefect gifts for those parents or inlaws that are hard to shop for. 
Merco box wants to offer you 25% off your purchase of a box with the coupon code 'iheartutah' Please check out their website and support local companies! I loved this box, no lie.
Thank you for the opportunity Merco box

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Clip in Fun

Recently I received these awesome ombre brown to hot pink clip in hair extensions. I was super excited to add a little color to my hair without it being permanent and the up keep of hot pink hair. Believe me it's a pain, I had hot pink streaks in my hair during high school and I had to dye them seriously every other week. 
When they arrived I instantly put them in and whoa man they were so long. So long I had to have my sister in law trim them to match the length my hair is now. Once they were trimmed they are so much fun. Of coarse you can just clip them in and go about your day, but I wanted to showcase them in a different way. 
Here are 3 different up do's to do with brightly colored clip ins hair extensions. My cousin Kenzie was the amazing person who did my hair for me. She has her only blog, go check it out!  
The fishtail

 The messy bun

 The braid and updo

Kind of fun and edgy just how I like it, not to mention for a very very affordable price.  Thanks Uniwigs for the opportunity. 

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