Utah Blogger Interview {Rachel of Mr JP & Me}

Bonjour! Ca va? Today you get to hear from this super cute girl! If you don't know her, this is Rachel from Mr JP & Me and she is A-dorable! So here is her interview, enjoy getting to know her, you will love her!

I have had a blogger profile since like 2007, because I wanted to be able to read my aunt's private blog to keep up with my cousins who live far away. However, I started blogging summer of 2011, but it was just a for-me day-to-day blog. I started to gain followers fall of 2011, and that's when I started posting more publicly with outfits!! So I like to say formally, since fall 2011:)

ehh. I've changed it so many times! First, it was "365 Days Till"  - because I was planning on serving an LDS mission, and was able to turn in my papers a year from when I started blogging. But then... life had other things in store for me, so I changed it to "xoxo Rachel Sayumi". Sayumi is my middle name, and I call "rachel sayumi" my "stage name"... so like one day when I'm famous, that's what I'll go by. Kinda like how Stefani Germanotta is "Lady Gaga" or "Ke$ha" is Kesha Rose Sebert... minus the trashy music and crazy hair/clothes ;) ANYWAYS, after I got married, I wanted my blog to encompass life with my husband, not just me, so I tried being all cool-like and thought of "Mr. JP & Me" (husband is Justin Porter)... but then I realized it's not that creative. I have seen way too many blogs with similar names, but I swear I did not copy them!! Kinda wish I could go back and change it again, lol!

Noooooooope! Well, actually I was born in Provo while my father finished school. However, I've lived in Boise, Idaho 95% of my life, so I call it home. My Idahome :) Boise is the best.

Murried for sure! No kiddo's yet, but definitely downnnn the road! And pets, I want a kitty, Justin wants a puppy... he doesn't want a kitty, i don't want a puppy. so no pets. haha
no career yet! but I will probably graduate at the end of this year! I have NO idea what I will do. I currently work in the Human Resource department of our university bookstore - and am quite enjoying it! I've had another office job before, and that's probably what I'll end up doing until we start a family. I love how organized an office is!

Uhmmmmmm........ I have too many!! But I could definitely wear my chambray shirt every day! Love it

I LOVE the mountains! While Justin and I were dating, we went one some hikes. It was fun. We also went on a lot of walks when it was warmer. I miss summer!! We'd also go up Provo Canyon and stargaze, which was so fun!

Staying up too late. For sure. I love sleeping, but I hate getting ready and going to bed.

Toyota Camry :)

FALLING DOWN or tripping and messing up my face!!! Mainly, I'm afraid of knocking out a tooth or something. It would hurt SO bad, and I'd look so goofy! I always take extra caution when walking up stairs haha.

STRIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So classy, so sophisticated.

Don't have a Facebook, but definitely Instagram! LOVE it.

Hmm.. I always get attached to shows that get cancelled after the first season ): The majority of the public doesn't like my shows because they're actually clean and wholesome. I loved a show called Privileged (Lucy Hale was in it) and also Dr. Emily Owens, MD. But I also loooove Smallville (which is over now). The best! & A little 90210 is my guilty pleasure.

I've gone to Japan a lot, and it's always my favorite. I'm obsessed with Japan! The food, the fashion, the lifestyle... it's absolutely amazing. My grandma lives there, I miss her so much.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect fitting LBD. But alas, I have not even found one yet.

I hope to go to Japan one day, maybe I'll take Rachel along with me! I hope you guys got to know Rachel more, now make sure and run to her blog. Thanks so much Rachel for helping me out!