Utah Blogger Interview {Amanda of Little Miss Fearless}

Amanda of Little Miss Fearless is simply inspirational. I find myself frequenting her blog a lot during the week, and you should too. Read her interview here then run to her blog and check out her awesome outfits! 

Almost 7 months!

Fear has played a big role in my life, often as a reason NOT to do something, but also a reason TO do it when I muster the courage. I’ve always had an interest in fashion, but feared others’ opinions in pursuing it because I didn’t want to appear vain or shallow. Blogging has taught me to trust my own opinion, worry less about the criticism I receive from others (believe me, I’ve felt the sting) and enjoy the journey of developing a talent that comes with the requirement to be thick skinned.

Yes. Born and raised in Salt Lake City. I’ve also lived in Illinois and Hawaii for a short time.

Married. No kids or pets yet, but one day we’ll have both.

I am a full-time public relations manager and social media strategist at an advertising agency in Salt Lake. Sometimes it’s a glamour job (grand opening events, TV appearances, New York trips), but comes with loads of long hours and hard work.

So hard to narrow this down. I love my Sperry boat shoes and J.Crew denim.

One of my favorite things about Utah is our warm summer nights. I am a beach baby, but since we don’t have beautiful Maui beaches here, I love a good run in the canyon or cooking marshmallows in the backyard fire pit.


Volkswagen Passat

Not reaching my potential. I’m a bit of an overachiever and have a hard time settling for less than I feel I’m capable. Good to be ambitious. Not so good trying to be all things to all people (including myself). It’s a learning process.

Stripes are my favorite pattern to mix, match and layer with.


I love love love Extreme Makeover Weight-Loss Addition. Chris Powell is a huge inspiration and role model for living healthy and feeling good about it. I also love the Bachelor, Mad Men, Seinfeld and Friends.

I always love a trip back to Maui. It tops everything else. I lived there back in 2007 and have a connection to that place that goes straight to my core. It’s part of me. And when I need some ‘me’ time because I’ve filled my life with too much of question 10, it’s the best place to be. 

There’s a gorgeous dress at Anthropologie that has been on my mind lately. Also wanting to splurge on all the J.Crew spring arrivals, but haven’t yet. Saving up for them and budgeting are good tests of character.

Maui is simply amazing, I'm going to have to agree with everything she said about it. Make sure and check out Little Miss Fearless. Thanks Amanda!