Utah Blogger Interview {Bridgette of Bridgette Nicole}

Have you guys heard of this lady? If not you are going to LOVE her! Bridgette of Bridgette Nicole is gorgeous and her blog is addicting!  I really enjoyed reading her interview and getting to know her more, I hope you do too. 

I have been blogging since 2008. I started as a personal journal for myself. As I have discovered what I wanted to use my blog for I have turned it into my real love in life, fashion. 

My mom named me Bridgette Nicole. Such an original blog name, using my own name, right? haha. I like to say it with a french accent when I read it and then it sounds so much cooler. 

I was born in Southern California and lived there for 10 years, then moved to Seattle and graduated high school there. I moved to Utah for college! :)

I am married to my amazing, loving, and supportive hubby, I don't ever call him by his name on my blog, just hubby! ;)

 I am a 1st Grade Teacher and I LOVE it!!

My poetic license shoes. They are girly, pretty, comfortable and practical. I have never been a huge shoe person but would be willing to spend as much as I need to, to get more of these cute, fun shoes in my closet!

I LOVE running the canyon all year long, skiing in the winter, and learning to play golf in the summer. 

I have major road rage... oops! :/

Mazda 3 hatchback... I love her! Yes, it's a her because she is so cute and no I don't name cars but it's definitely a she.

being attacked by a shark when I am in the ocean...

 stripes AND polka dots!! I have a love affair with both. If I HAD to choose one I would say polka dots because they are more girly! :)

 Instagram! @bridgettenicole

Once Upon A Time and The Big Bang Theory (my hubby is a nerd and got me into this show and I LOVE it!)

 Paris! I went with my now hubby when we were dating. He is from there so it was so fun visiting his amazing "home". Can't wait to go back!

hmmm... what am I not saving up for? I would love a Kate Spade dress. :)

I'm a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, it's one of the greatest shows on TV right now! Anyway, this is one lovely lady and I want to thank her for helping me out! Make sure and check her blog out here!