Utah Blogger Interview {Aubry from Beauty & Truth}

Today's blogger was really the first blogger I met, so she holds a special spot in my blogger heart (cheesy I know). Aubry blogs over at Beauty & Truth, one of the cutest freaking girls EVER, not to mention she has just a classic look that I absolutely love! Lets get to the questions, I'm excited!

I dove into the serious blogging world in September of 2012. I've been obsessed ever since.

John Keats is one of my very favorite poets, and this piece of work lead to the name of my blog.

I was born in Utah, but I spent the majority of my "growing-up" years in Florida & Mississippi. 

Happily married. I got really lucky with Jake. He's a stud.

I'm a social media-doing, marketing & PR girl for a group of boutiques.

My chambray button-down gets a lot of wear. I'd say that makes it a favorite.

I really enjoy Alta ski dates with Jake because we always stop for French fries at Alf's Restaurant--they are seriously so delicious!

A full hamper really peeves me--I do laundry a few times a week to keep things from even getting close to the top.

Jake and I share a car.  We're saving up for my bucket-list full of world travels.


Thin, vertical stripes win in a landslide.

I spend a lot of time on social media for work, but when it comes to play, I'm a frequent Instagram "liker". 

I'm a black & white junkie.  There are few things I enjoy more than watching episode after episode of The Twilight Zone. (The Netflix account can attest to this.)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was everything I ever hoped and dreamed--quaint streets, beautiful beaches, cozy little restaurants that serve delicious food and happy people.  The "Old Mexico" charm won me over.

Some beautiful, all-leather booties with a 3" heel. They frequent my dreams quite often.
I can see why you love that Chambray Shirt, I saw you wearing it on our lunch outing recently and I LOVED it too! Thanks Aubry for joining in the fun!
Run over to her place and check it out!