Winter Fashion{Lauren of Mintgem}

You guys are in luck today, Lauren from Mintgem is here to share her winter staples. I find that we have a lot in common in what we love to wear during winter. Enjoy this sweet ladies post then make sure and run over to her blog. 
Thanks Lauren.
Hello! My name is Lauren from Mintgem
First, I need to thank Nikki for asking me to guest post!
Winter can sometimes make it tricky for dressing in anything other than a huge bulky coat, snow boots and gloves. Today Im going to give you some of my tips on how to still look fashionable during the snowy season! 

I am a huge fan of hats! Beanies specifically for the super cold days! 

Another must is scarves! Scarves that have a fun pattern,
 or bright colors always add a little extra flare to any boring, old winter outfit.
Plus, keeps you extra warm!

And last, the absolute must for me, is a black leather jacket! Throwing it on with any outfit adds a little edge! For extra warm, layer it with a sweater or basic zip hoodie underneath!

So those are a few of my absolute musts for winter fashion! 
I hope you enjoyed reading! Come stop by my blog and say hello!