Friday Confession

Did you guys have an amazing Valentines week? Mine was pretty good, worked a bunch and now I'm leaving for vaca today. It's a much needed vacation too. I worked about 7 days in a row and can I just say I'm BURNT OUT!! Woot woot!!

On with my confession.

This one is about how my parents influenced my picky appetite. My dad use to feed me full of crap (not literally!) by telling me that chocolate would give me zits. Since I was such a good little girl and always believed my parents (actually I believe pretty much anything, and still) I stayed away from eating a lot of chocolate.

Let's fast forward like 10 years to when I met Jeff. After dating and knowing that we were going to get married we took a little trip with his parent to where he served his LDS mission, South Carolina. As we were there we had to go eat at Jeff's favorite place. While there I experienced real southern cooking and I also tried...

Fridays confession.

I tried my first piece of chocolate cake. Yep that's right I hadn't tried or ever had a piece of chocolate cake until I was 19 years old. Completely crazy, I know. I do like chocolate cake but LOVE funfetti cake the most!

Is there any types of food that you held off trying for forever but totally love now??

I'm off to Vegas this weekend, I can't wait for the sun, shopping, and relaxing!