Vegas Day Three

Day three was the first day of Magic Market Week and I had full intentions of taking advantage of all the fun, until mother nature kicked in and decided to make me suffer from lovely lady cramps. WHY must this always happen during things I'm most excited about aka vacations, Magic, and vacation! GRR to mother nature!

With that said, I went to Magic for about 45 minutes then couldn't handle it anymore. But while at Magic I learned something, its way more fun to go to actually buy for a store. I went to Mrket to buy for a mens store, had a blast. Went to Magic with intentions of seeing one mens clothing company but couldn't even get to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center because parking was so ridiculous so we decided to go to the LVCC and look around.

Maybe I missed the memo but I couldn't go into a trade show and sell that I have a company to get some free goodies, when in fact I don't have a company that sales woman's clothes. Its just not me. I did though have a goal to find a good shoe line for my mother-in-law and I love the ones I did find. Didn't order anything because I was just hunting for her so she could ponder the thought of a store. All of this Magic browsing though did make me want to open a store of my own and I'm sure if I really wanted to it could be possible, I'm just not sure I want too. I want to have weekends off to go boating and wakeboarding(if you don't know me at all, just know that I seriously do these activities EVERY weekend in the summer) I also don't want to have to give up nursing. I enjoy it and owning your own store means that you are married to it, aka all of your time devoted to it. Not sure if i'm ready for that commitment.

Anyway that was my Magic experience. I know tons of people went in and left with the swag, I went in, didn't leave with swag, but learned a lot about myself. Will I go back to Magic? Probably, but with a purpose. Either when I decide to open a store(if it's possible) or if it's for another family buying event.

I do want to thank my in laws for giving me the opportunity to enjoy these shows.

Oh ps here is my outfit lol

/ Skirt-H&M / Shirt-Nordstrom Rack / Necklace-?(sorry) / Tights-Nordstrom Rack / Shoes-TB / Watch-MK / Bracelet-F21 /