I'm back! and with Europe part 7: Stuttgart

I think I've started a billion posts with that title. But I am back from Internet darkness and moved into my new house! Yay! I didn't realize how much junk we had until we started moving it all. 
I'm glad we had that yard sale or it would have been ten times worse! 
On with my Europe post. Yes another one, I know they keep coming but I'm almost done. Promise!
Today's post is about Stuttgart and the PORSCHE and Mercedes museums. 
If you don't know me at all then you don't know that I LOVE cars.
I grew up around mechanics and have loved racing cars down the road, My driving record can vouch for that.
When I went to Germany and saw that the Porsche museum was super close, I knew I had to go! 
So my cousin and I went, who by the way also loves cars! We just come from a family of car lovers.
Be prepared for car picture OVERLOAD! 

 If I could just get one ride in this thing it would make my life complete! lol

 I'm a big fan of BBS rims, PS.

Amazing architecture in this place! 
How convenient there is a dealership across the street, I had to go buy one! lol
I pick this one...Oh Jeffie!
Or I'll take this one for the little one(Not pregnant) one day
Went to the city center too and saw...frozen fountains :)
 I'm not much a fan of Mercedes but I had to go.

This one was my fav. lol

Well folks that my fun from Stuttgart. Next stop I go back to Paris and do a little shopping! 

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